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What to expect from counselling


What has brought you to counselling? Everyone's answer to this question will be different and we will spend time thinking about this and your situation together. We might also think about your experiences from the past and how they are affecting your life now. Sometimes there might be a specific relationship or event that has led you to seek counselling, you are welcome to bring whatever is on your mind.


I will not offer you advice or try to 'fix' you, but I will walk alongside you as you find the resources you need to make changes within yourself.


Sessions take place weekly on the same day at the same time. They last for 50 minutes and start and end on time. This is so that you know what to expect each week and to give you space between each session to reflect - if you choose to do so.


Fees: £70 per session

Payable in advance by bank transfer


Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor therapy is a way of working which allows you to benefit from being outside in a natural setting whilst embarking upon a therapeutic relationship. In an outdoor session, we will meet at a set meeting point and then it is up to you whether you want to walk together for the whole 50 minutes, take a pause to look at our natural surroundings or find a bench or a log to sit on and talk.  ​ In this way, it is possible to build a connection with the natural world as well as connecting to yourself and the things that have brought you to therapy.  ​ I am happy to hold sessions in all but the most extreme of weather conditions and it is my experience that being outdoors in all seasons can enrich the therapeutic experience and add a rhythm and a flow to the work.  ​Before beginning outdoor work I invite you to take part in an initial consultation online or on the telephone to discuss your needs from therapy and how outdoor therapy might work for you. 

Outdoor Walking and Therapy

Online Counselling

Online counselling allows you to have sessions from your own home, or anywhere where you have a private space and a secure internet connection. 

Online Counselling
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